Never Quit

Since many of our coaches are former NFL players they have overcome unbelievable odds to get to make it to that level. The amount of perseverance displayed by these athletes over their lifetime is nearly inconceivable as they toil day after day in extreme conditions while their school or business peers work and play in their comfort controlled atmospheres.
Legendary Florida State coach Bobby Bowden speaks of perseverance in his book The Bowden Way. He tells the story of a player Louie Richardson who gave his all in practices, but Bowden felt didn’t have the talent to play at the Division I college level so he was put on the scout squad his senior season. This means he would watch the games on the sidelines in his street clothes. While many seniors would have given up after being place on the scout team, Louie continued to practice with incredible perseverance. As history would have it, in the third game of the season, the starting player went down with an injury, then their second string player was injured. They put in their third string player, he finished the game but he just wasn’t ready. The next game Bowden had no choice but to bring up Louie and start him.

Louie never lost his starting job, not even after the other players were healthy. The team went on to finish 10-2, and Louie caught the attention of NFL scouts. He was drafted and went on to play in the NFL and CFL.

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