2018 Locker Room Chat talks ‘Falcons Football’ with Dan Quinn


    The Kids & Pros Locker Room Chat 2018 brought together some of the legends of the game of football to share their gridiron stories and more at the Brookfield Country Club in Roswell.

    Coach Dan Quinn, Coach Dan Reeves, Hall of Fame Kicker Morten Anderson, and Falcons Great Jessie Tuggle had the crowd laughing with inside jokes and tales of fun, off the field antics with their teammates of yesteryear on a roast-like panel, hosted by former Atlanta Falcons QB and Falcons Radio Dave Archer, with insight from Kids & Pros’ Co-Founders and former Atlanta Falcons Buddy Curry and Bobby Butler.  It was a packed house for this 8th annual event, featuring a buffet, drinks, a special raffle, intimate panel discussion and live auction raising funds to host free youth football camps and clinics across Georgia and the Southeast.

    Emcee Dave Archer asked the panel about how they got into football, what they “signed” for back in the day, which always is an interesting start to see the differences in the pay scale from the 1980s to today.  The overarching themes of teamwork, brotherhood, setting goals, and working hard/giving it your all to be a part of something bigger than yourself, were shared — alot of the same themes Kids & Pros reinforces in the clinics and camps.

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    “It’s the truth … there’s no substitute for hard work, you have to put in the time, but it’s worth every minute,” – Jessie Tuggle said.

    Lots of stories off the field were shared… bringing a roar of laughter from the crowd.

    Andersen and Tuggle were joking about choosing a position… and when Tuggle said he saw how long Morten was in the League, he added, ” Darn, I should have been a Kicker.”  The guys were talking about some of the most memorable characters over the years… Tom Landry, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Joe Theismann, Kenny Stabler, as well as their former teammates, Steve Bartkowski and more.

    Dave Archer was telling a story about Tom Landry — Archer was staging a coming back in the game vs. the Cowboys, completing a great pass to win the game, and Coach Landry made a post game statement at the press conference about Archer saying, “I really didn’t think that little guy could throw it that far,” which made the crowd erupt with laughs.

    Each panelist spoke about why they give back, and their personal charity favorites: Coach Dan Quinn has launched his own foundation, Quinn Corps, which supports military personnel and their families, actively traveling to bases to meet with families, and bringing military families to games and to events, on his behalf;  Morten Anderson – his Family Foundation also supports military families – Special Teams for Special Ops, with an annual golf tournament each year, Dan Reeves – works very closely with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Jessie Tuggle supports numerous charities, but holds Kids & Pros close to his heart.

    The night ended with autographs, photos and lots of new memories to share.  Thank you to all of our Kids & Pros’ sponsors for making the event possible:  Chateau Energy Solutions, M A Jardina, the Mooney Family Foundation, Wolverton, All Clean Services, Risk Placement Services (in memory of Jennifer Prince), 1FORCE, Gwinnett Medical Center Sports Medicine, Servis 1st Bank, Sharpe Mortgage, Jason & Carissa Boles, Chip Lake, RTA Strategy, Tyson Strategies, Kurt Wilson, Quinn Corps and 4Point Capital, GENCapital, Dr. Kaveh Khajevi, MD, Raymond James/Clifford Kimsey and M4 Construction.

    A special thank you to Brookfield Country Club for hosting the event, and to our annual partners, who give to the organization year-round:  NFL Foundation, Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, Walmart, Printing Trade Company, and Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma.

    Kids & Pros has trained over 55,000 athletes to date, since their creation in 2002, by former Atlanta Falcons Buddy Curry and Bobby Butler.  Kids & Pros’ mission is to develop character and skills through athletics.  For more information about Kids & Pros – visit https://kidsandpros.com


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