Frequently Asked Questions -Kids & Pros Camps and Clinics

Q. What ages are allowed to participate in camp?

A. Kids & Pros Camps and Clinics are open to athletes ages 7-13 yrs. old.

Q. Are girls allowed to participate?

A. Absolutely, girls are allowed to participate; we usually have a couple of young ladies at each camp.

Q. Do campers bring their own food/snacks?

A. Yes, campers bring their own food/snacks for 3-day camps. (Please no glass bottles, thank you!)

Q. Are there camp scholarships available?

A. Yes, there are full and partial scholarships available. Please contact Dawn at dawn@kidsandpros.com for details.

Q. Does Kids & Pros offer an “overnight” camp?

A. No, not at this time.

Q. Are parents allowed to observe the camp?

A. Parents are allowed to come and go as they please. We just ask that you refrain from coaching/correcting your child while he/she is in camp.

Q. Do the campers need football experience to attend camp?

A. No, Kids & Pros Camps and Clinics are open to all athletes with varying levels of skill/experience. No prior experience is required, however, it can be helpful. (Athletes will be coached at their level of skill.)

Q. Are there volunteer positions available for the camps?

A. Yes, volunteer positions are available; please contact Dawn at Dawn@kidsandpros.com

Q. What should we bring to camp?

A Here is a list of what we normally remind parents to have campers bring to camp…
· Water Bottles –Please mark your child’s water bottle clearly with their name. (Many bottles look the same to thirsty campers.)
· Campers should wear a light colored cotton T-shirt, comfy shorts and SUNSCREEN. They can wear cleats OR sneakers.
(This is NOT a good time to break in new shoes). Hats are permitted.

Q. What should we NOT bring to camp?

A. Here is a list of what we normally remind parents NOT to have campers bring to camp…
· This is a NON CONTACT camp so NO equipment is needed.
· Please do NOT bring jewerly– NO JEWELRY is allowed.
· NO electronic devices allowed at camp — including phones. If your parents need to contact you, we will provide a phone number for them to call.

**JUST A REMINDER — Please have your child drink plenty of WATER and limit the amount of caffeine the day prior to camp. This helps with their endurance and performance in the heat.

Q. My child has asthma- can he or she participate in a camp or clinic?

A. Yes, absolutely, we have children with asthma participate in our Kids & Pros Camps and Clinics. When you fill out the registration form, please indicate that your child has asthma, and please read the information below to familiarize yourself with our procedure.

HOURS…… NO EXCEPTIONS! Your child will NOT be allowed to stay without the inhaler
under ANY circumstances. It must be in the original container or we cannot
accept or administer it. Please put your child’s inhaler in a ziplock plastic baggie
and label it in sharpie with their FULL NAME, AGE, and a PHONE NUMBER we can reach
you at during Camp hours.

Medical devices will be returned to you the last day of camp. If you need your child’s
device over night, you must remember to bring it back daily for your child to participate.

The above information also applies to Epi Pens and/or all other medical devices and/or medications.

Q. What does a typical day at a Kids & Pros Camp and/or Clinic look like?

KIDS & PROS CAMP Activity Schedule (5 hrs)

Warm Up
Heads Up Tackling Circuit
Group skill station training

Character lessons by former NFL Football Players

Competitive games

Final Day:
Championship Last Day for the entire family
Awards Ceremony – Character Awards, Championship Awards
Celebrity Autograph Session for campers

Special Notes:
Ages 7 – 13
Campers are to bring a lunch daily Monday – Thursday
This is a non contact camp therefore no equipment is needed
1:10 coach to camper ratio

KIDS & PROS CLINIC Activity Schedule (2-3 hrs)

Warm Up
Heads Up Tackling Circuit
Group Skill Training
Character lessons by former NFL Football Players
Parent Information Session – Concussion and injury prevention training

Special Notes:
Ages 7 – 13
This is a non-contact camp therefore no equipment is needed
1:10 coach to camper ratio

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