Kids & Pros  – Football Feedback from Our Camps

“I was extremely impressed by the quality of leadership provided by the coaches both from a football as well as a life perspective. It was most obvious that these men both young and old believe in the football/life principals taught to the kids each day.
–Jeff Andrews, President Alpharetta Youth Football Assn

“What sets Kids & Pros apart from the rest of the football camps out there, is the consistency with what they do…Football is a complicated sport – to put gear on, find your position, understand your role on the team—it’s a lot for a young kid to come out in the summer and learn all at one time. Kids & Pros gives you a real leg up– getting a football foundation before the season starts.”
–Ben Utt, Former GA Tech Football Player/Former NFL Player, Indianapolis Colts— Current NYO Player Safety Coach

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful experience my nine year-old son had in Chattanooga. My son has never shown much interest in sports, so when he mentioned wanting to try football, I was nervous but enthusiastic. Not only did he stick with the camp the whole time, but he LOVED it! I watched him gain confidence in himself that week and I attribute that to the excellent coaching and the talks he received during the camp. He has always been one of the slower kids in PE but he came to me and said “Mom, one of the coaches said you don’t have to be the fastest kid, you just have to do your best.” I think that really stuck with him. Now he wants to find a local team to join this Fall; can’t wait to do the camp again next year!”
–Amanda Senentz, Parent of Kids & Pros camper

“Kids & Pros does a really fantastic job on teaching safety and mastering learning the basics; love the integration of the character lesson. Really, the theme of these camps is that it is about the effort, not the talent you are born with…I think football is a great sport for the right kid. Done safely, the risks are outweighed by the benefits and the experience.”
–Kathleen Gosden- Mother of Spencer, 9 yrs. old, Northside Youth Organization football player

“We were very excited about having your organization become part of building character and developing skills in the kids in Rome and surrounding counties. I have been to several camps from football to wrestling and I have to tell you that you have without a doubt forever impressed me. I really appreciate the effort and time that you and the other coaches devote to helping make kids become successful adults.”
–Clint Backer, Community Leader

“The decision to support a solid program like the Kids & Pros Football Camp that positively impacts children in our community was a good decision. Our dollars helped send children to a camp that they otherwise would not have been able to attend. We actually made a difference for a lot of these kids. We went out to the camp one evening and it was a site to behold; it was really impressive to see 250 kids having fun doing different drills. Quite frankly, I was overwhelmed by the coach to camper ratio; it was a real “game changer” and key to the camp! Having NFL “All Star” players like Buddy and Joe Jacoby was a real treat for these kids.”
–Ed Craighill – Vice President – Sales/Corporate Development, Boxley, Northern Virginia

“I could list all of the reasons that we are grateful to Kids & Pros (Buddy Curry), but instead I am going to reduce it to one reason, in its simplest form: Without Kids & Pros we would not have been able to form this league. Thank you from me and all of the kids who don’t realize how fortunate they are to have a chance to play this game.”
–Brad Walters – Former President – Venetia Athletic League, Jacksonville, Florida


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